Big data

The best kept secret in retail.

Unrivalled quality pricing and retail data, makes us the leading market intelligence provider in the UK, enabling us to effectively connect retailers, brands and audience owners with mobile consumers and make these business more competitive and profitable. Interested? Read more to discover how it all works.

Data is at the heart of what we do

Using technology to solve complex retail issues and the quality of our data are the building blocks of our success. All our services originate from our proprietary retail market intelligence platform that allows us to support leading, top tier multi-channel retailers, brands and other retail agencies.  Our consumer platform extends our reach to support audience owners and retail marketing agencies.

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See our retail pricing intelligence service if you are a retailer or a manufacturing brand aiming to improve your pricing strategy, monitor and respond to your competitor activity or measure the success of your promotions in the past to improve profits in the future.

If you are a mobile marketer seeking an effective mobile marketing and advertising platform that is highly targeted and allows you to achieve measureable results and control your spend, see what we could achieve for you with MyOffers.

If you are an audience owner who wants to build a consumer shopping experience then  discover how our carefully curated content can provide you with access to the top UK retailers across a broad range of categories.

If you are looking for a reliable retail data source for market research, consumer reports, pricing analysis, competitor range reviews or any special retail project, then contact us to discuss how our wealth of data, marketing analysis and solutions can solve your business challenges.

Our specialities and strengths include:

    • Product matching and tracking
    • Retail data validation
    • Retail market intelligence
    • Data mining and analysis
    • Retail pricing reporting
    • Multi-category reporting
    • Mobile and web shopping content
    • Mobile shopping behaviour targeting
    • Mobile consumer insights
    • Mobile marketing and advertising within apps

While being innovative in our approach, we build lasting relationships by supporting our clients in making our tools work for them.  To find out more about what we do, who we work with and how we can help you, contact us today.

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