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‘Multi-channel’ is a popular buzz word these days. But do consumers and businesses have the same understanding? In this blog we explore further what is it that consumers want.

Let’s begin with the buzz word itself. What does ‘multi-channel’ actually mean? Well, the Business Dictionary defines it as: “The use of a wide variety of marketing methods as well as a variety of ways for consumers to purchase the particular product or service that is being offered. Typically each of the channels that are chosen by the marketer will help to reinforce the other channels in the mix”. Pretty accurate we thought. In short it an interlinked network of places where your product/service can be purchased. Seems to be apparent that selling via different means is key to success, but is that all? (more…)

This year is said to be the year of mobile commerce. There really is no questioning in the rise of mobile: technological evolution, content consumption on the go, mobile wallets emerging into the market and fierce competition for a ‘place under the sun’ in the business world are all evidences of the birth of a new retail channel. We look into current affairs in the world of mobile commerce and challenges the industry is facing.


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