Nightmare checkout experience? Remind you of anything? Surely, we can all relate to it.  Given the number of retailers trading online and the tools and technology available today, said 67% of online customers abandon  shopping carts just before transacting. Google being Google have mustered up a witty video on this very serious retail issue.

Does this shopping experience remind you of anything?


Common user experience annoyances when buying online, whether through mobile or PC are:

  • Need to register on every single retailer’s site;
  • Long registration process;
  • Customers can’t remember their  username or password;
  • Hidden policies and extra charges;
  • Capcha verification tests;
  • Check out time expiry;
  • Difficult to find the checkout button on site;
  • Need to pay by credit card only;
  • The list goes on…

… and these come even before the costs of items, costs and times of delivery. Make it easy for your customers to buy, give yourself a chance.

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