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We’re delighted to announce that this week will be the first publication of our monthly price index and pricing activity table in Retail Week  Each month we’ll focus on a different category, starting with TVs and Home Entertainment to see how this category was impacted by the build up to the World Cup This…

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We’re delighted to announce that this week will be the first publication of our monthly price index and pricing activity table in Retail Week  Each month we’ll focus on a different category, starting with TVs and Home Entertainment to see how this category was impacted by the build up to the World Cup

This analysis is based on same processes and methodology we use for the quarterly analysis but focused on a particular category in the specific month.

The methodology for the two data sets is highlighted below:

Overall Price index tables

This analysis is based on products that are available at multiple retailers (matched products).

The percentage price difference of each matched product across the month is compared amongst all retailers also offering that product. These averages are run through a standard log formula and this is then averaged to a single total for a retailer against all of their competitors. This is used to create the pricing index for each retailer across the category.

All prices compared are online only and no in-store collections have been used. Only in stock permutations are taken into account for these tables. 

Price Activity Table

We have tracked the number of price changes for each retailer for the last month. We run a check every day on every product and our systems capture if the price has changed. At the same time, we track the average number of products the retailer has in the category during the month.

This creates an index on the number of price changes the retailer has made each day across that category.

If you have any questions regarding the analysis please contact



We have launched our latest retail price index reports looking at Q3 2013 in detail.  This range of retail pricing intelligence reports complement the analysis available through our pricing tools, which is used by many of the UKs biggest retailers.  The category focused reports give a unique insight into pricing activity in the UK, offering the most comprehensive view of pricing activity published on the UK retail sector.  The Q3 analysis is based on millions of price points captured between July and September 2013. (more…)

Leading retail intelligence technology group Cogenta ( has launched the first global multi-currency pricing intelligence tool for retailers, manufacturers, brand managers and researchers. The latest addition to the acclaimed Retail Insight range can convert retail pricing analyses from any number of currencies back into one currency for easy comparison.  By this means international brands and retail outlets gain real-time competitive advantage by using one global centralised system that analyses international retail prices and therein sets price points in individual countries. This ensures that users can move with regional price fluctuations rapidly therein making time critical price calculations based on the very latest international market trend data. Previously, data from different sources had to be consolidated and compared separately; a slow, costly and unproductive process resulting in out of date analysis. (more…)

Elasticsearch Inc. turned one year old in late 2013 following the first release of the software in 2010.  Elasticsearch is one of the core technologies that powers our global pricng intelligence platform across 24 countries.  We’re proud to be part of the Elasticsearch egosystem, which you can find out more about here.

To find out more about Cogenta’s use of this exciting technology take a look here.

Leading retail intelligence technology group Cogenta ( has launched a multi-national version of its Cloud-based Retail Insight platform. The innovative pricing intelligence application is the first system to enable international retailers, manufacturers, brand managers and market researchers to monitor consumer goods pricing data from major economic centres in 24 countries across the globe, including Europe and the Americas. The platform can manage price data collections in any language and new countries can be added upon request. (more…)

The Challenges that Savvy Retail CFOs and Treasury Managers Are Facing When Navigating The Rough Economic Waters That Have Sunk Some Brands

It’s a matter of record that consumer spending has been under considerable and continuous pressure recently and the resulting fall out in the retail sector has been there for all to see across Europe. This is especially true, of course, in the UK where a number of high profile retail brands and retail chains have gone out of business. There have been a number of reasons for this and it is the CFOs and Treasurers in leading retailers that have to tack sharply in an attempt to read the different trade winds that abound. The challenges to maximising margins and reducing financial risks have never been greater though. (more…)

We’ve made a few changes to the quaterly price indexing report to be published this week.  The first was to improve the indexes and the second was to run quarter by quarter pricing analysis.  The quarterly analysis enables seasonal changes in behaviour to be seen as part of the broader pricing intelligence but also helps to identify more radical pricing shifts.


Cogenta Price Indexing Report - Jan 13

Against a reported positive end to 2012 for many retailers, the headlines in January have been a vivid reminder of how tough the market is for many retailers.  The focus on price we’ve seen over the past few years is set to continue in 2013.  That said our retail pricing intelligence and reported financial results suggest that the lowest price isn’t everything but customers perception of value is. (more…)

The last few years have seen the Christmas sales start ever earlier.  Yet again this year has seen some early sales but the retail pricing analysis we’ve produced this week suggests that most categories haven’t had to discount as early.

The exception is clothing, footware and fashion where discounting started a few weeks ago and is now quite deep.  This is not unusual although stands out more this year as the other categories have held pricing for longer.  The table below shows the level of discounting that has been applied to products that have been available online consistently over the past 6 weeks: (more…)

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